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Our Story

Hawk Tail Brewery is dedicated to creating quality beer that Alberta can call it's own. This can be done by producing beers with local ingredients and capturing the wild sentiment within our brand. It will be necessary not only to maintain in the present, but also develop and plan in the future.

Why the name Hawk Tail Brewery?

Not only does Hawk Tail have a rather nice ring to it, but it also is a call to the Alberta wild
which is a constant inspiration. In addition to that hawks are one of the few species of wild animals who has found greater success due to agriculture. Which as you know is a requirement for brewing itself.. And finally who doesn't like having a few beers and getting wild for a change?

What sets us apart is our vision of what beer and breweries are for communities. A lot of people see the craft brewing industry as something new, when it is actually as old as civilization! We aspire to create beer as timeless as the Alberta wild. We look to create beer that hits the spot even one hundred years from now and serve our community all the while.