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Main Craft & Seasonal Brews

Our beer is a celebration of the abundance of community agriculture and wilderness around us. We produce beers with local ingredients capturing the wild sentiment found across all of the province. Come in for a fresh pint of our core lineup or try one of our wild seasonal creations!

Pale Ale
6.5% Alc. / Vol
38 IBU

Golden like the grain used. Hops are balanced throughout, creating a subtle bitterness that keeps you coming back for more.

Summer Ale
4.0% Alc. / Vol
20 IBU

Light and refreshing. Welcome at any event or meal. Undertones of berries and a hint of citrus, summer in a can.

Rye Milk Stout
5.0% Alc. / Vol
24 IBU

Black as coffee with similar creamy roasted character. Brewed to awaken the palate.

India Pale Ale
6.0% Alc. / Vol
50 IBU

Traditional, light in body and colour, high in alcohol content. Hops front and center and "wildly" bitter all the way through.

Amber Ale
5.0% Alc. / Vol
35 IBU

Red in Colour, slight roasted malts and full of caramel sweetness. Comfy and complex just like the autumn leaves.